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             Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SDUTCM) was founded in 1958, listed as one of the key state construction TCM higher-learning institutes in 1978, and approved as one of the key Shandong provincial universities in 1981. It is currently the only independent medical university in Shandong Province, and rated excellent in the national undergraduate education evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education. It is among the first batch of “five preeminent featured universities” approved by Shandong provincial government. Among all the colleges and universities in Shandong province, it takes the lead in the number of the state key disciplines, in offering master’s and doctoral programs and post-doctoral research programs, and also in undertaking the state “973 Projects” as a chief organization.

             SDUTCM adheres to the motto of “Cultivating virtues and harboring benevolence, learning extensively and practicing persistently”, exploits fully the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens its connotation construction, and as a result forms its own educational features, namely “nurturing students’ minds by culture, consolidating their foundation, emphasizing knowledge inheritance, and encouraging innovation”. It has trained tens of thousands graduates with professional skills for the nation and society. They share something distinctive in common, for instance, honest-and-sincere personality, solid professional basis, down-to-earth work attitudes. Some of them have won national honorary titles, such as “National Three-Goods Students”, “Self-Reliance Star of Chinese University Students”, and “May 4th Youth Medal of Shandong Province”, etc.

             SDUTCM has been striving for the goal of becoming one of preeminent featured universities. In 2007, the main campus moved from Lixia District, Jinan City, to Changqing District—— the hometown of Bianque ( a famous physician in ancient China), covering a total area of 122 hectares with a building area of 545,000 square meters. The facilities and equipment are valued at over RMB 192,765,000, and the library has a collection of 1,871,000 paper books, 509,000 electronic books and 30,000 rare ancient books. The library is a “Shandong provincial key protection unit of ancient books”. It has 14 colleges, 3 directly-affiliated hospitals, 11 indirectly-affiliated hospitals, 24 teaching hospitals, 97 clinical teaching bases, 10 Shandong graduates jointly-training bases. It has one national experimental teaching demonstration center and one national undergraduate off-campus education and practice bases.

             SDUTCM works hard to train high-quality talents and TCM physicians by both cultivating virtues and encouraging learning. It has 21 undergraduate programs, involving the fields of medicine, sciences, humanities, engineering and management. Meanwhile, it has 3 first-rate doctoral degree authorization disciplines, including traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese materia medica and combination of TCM and western medicine, entitled to confer 15 doctoral degrees. It also offers 8 first-rate master’s degree authorization disciplines, entitled to confer 44 master’s degrees, which involve all the second-rate disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese materia medica and combination of TCM and western medicine, which have already started to permeate to peripheral disciplines. Additionally, SDUTCM has been authorized to grant doctoral degrees in clinical medicine and master’s degrees in clinical medicine, traditional Chinese materia medica, pharmacy and biomedical engineering. At present, it has an enrollment of nearly 21,000 students, including nearly 18,000 undergraduates and over 2,700 postgraduates. SDUTCM attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. It has built long-term cooperative relationships with over 30 prestigious foreign universities and medical organizations. It now has about 200 overseas Chinese and foreign students.

             SDUTCM has a strong teaching faculty, with over 3,900 staff members. Amongst them, there are 110 doctorate supervisors, 422 master supervisors, 2 " Great Master of National Medicine", 1 chief scientist of the State “973” Projects, 8 “National Outstanding Teachers”, 10 “Outstanding Teacher of Shandong Province”, 6 “ Outstanding Teaching team of Shandong Province”, one “ Shandong Top Ten Excellent Innovation Team”, 8 Shandong provincial "Taishan Fellowship" Professors, 20 “Young and Middle-aged Breakthrough-Contribution Experts” at provincial or ministerial level, 44 “ State Council Special Allowance” recipients, 63 “ Shandong Provincial Famous TCM Specialists”.

             SDUTCM has been focusing on its features construction and excellence, and has formed a batch of dominant and featured disciplines. It now owns 3 state key disciplines, namely Basic Theory of traditional Chinese Medicine, History and Literature of TCM and Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine, 29 State TCM Administration key disciplines, 14 provincial key disciplines, 23 state key specialist clinics, 19 provincial key specialist clinics, 4 state characteristic specialties, namely Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Materia Medica, Acupuncture and Tuina, and Pharmaceutical Engineering, 1 Education Ministry key reform pilot specialty,11 provincial characteristic specialties, 3 national high-quality open courses, and 33 provincial high-quality courses.

             SDUTCM has forged numerous first-class scientific research platforms by introducing the sci-tech and innovation drive. It has 3 post-doctoral stations in the disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese materia medica and combination of TCM and western medicine, 1 Education Ministry key laboratory, 6 State TCM Administration level-3 key laboratories, 2 State TCM Administration key research centers, 2 Shandong provincial key laboratories, 3 Shandong provincial engineering technological research centers, 1 Shandong provincial engineering laboratory. It leads one collaborative innovation centre of Shandong provincial colleges and universities. Since the “National 11th Five-Year Plan” period, SDUTCM has undertaken 1093 scientific research projects at bureau level or above. Amongst them, there are 244 national projects. Since its founding, SDUTCM won 2 awards on the First National Scientific Conference, 3 state sci-tech advance second prizes, 3 state technical innovation awards, and 13 provincial sci-tech advance first prizes. SDUTCM has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as one of the “Technological Supporting Institutions for Promoting the Key Projects of State Sci-tech Achievements”, and as one of the “Undertaking Institutions for the Projects of Modernized, Industrialized and Standardized Plantation of Chinese Materia Medica”. SDUTCM has one national clinical research base, one national innovation platform of new drug on TCM unit, and one Shandong provincial research base of humanities and social sciences.

             On the course of constructing a high-level distinctive TCM university, SDUTCM always upholds the socialism direction, bases on virtues cultivation, develops by innovation, and is oriented by economic growth and social progress. It centers on talents training, focuses on its core TCM disciplines, highlights TCM features, emphasizes cultural inheritance and innovation, strengthens connotation construction, and deepens educational reform, for the purpose of constantly improving talents training quality, comprehensively promoting educational strength, and nurturing qualified builders and reliable successors for Chinese characteristic socialism, with an integrated development in morality, intelligence, sports and arts.

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